Hello from Amethyst!

Welcome to our website!

In this site, you will be able to receive trustworthy guidance with astrological charts and tarot readings.

When I became a member of 40’s club in 2018, I said ‘ Teri, it is time to give a different direction to your life’ and I started moving ahead in this direction.

When I finished my thorough research online to find the right school for Astrology, it was already April 2019. However, finally I was a student at the Faculty of Astrological Studies based in London and I started studying online.

Then 2020 came along. After welcoming my son in February, 4 years after my daughter , in May 2020 I was like, something is missing. Astrology is going well, I love it, but why don’t I learn Tarot reading in addition to Astrology?

‘Of course Teri, go ahead’ and in June 2020 a new journey for Tarot reading certificate entered to my life.

Tarot is a life long journey like Astrology and you keep learning forever. Even though you may have a certificate, you keep researching, trying to find new ways of interpretation in addition to learning new decks- also part of the whole process.

All my efforts and studies will not have much meaning unless I start sharing them with other people. So, here I am! It is September 2020, I am 42 years young and I am reaching to you via ‘Amethyst’ so that I may have a platform where I share my ideas, and I can give guidance, whoever wants or needs, both with Astrology and Tarot cards.

But ‘Why Amethyst?’ Do you know amethyst as a gem? That purple, amazing gemstone. This stone is a variety of quartz, and had its place sealed in mythology and different cultures with its different characteristics. According to Greeks, it was intoxicating, would make sure that you wouldn’t get drunken while some believed that when you wore it, it would protect you against negative energy during the war. The most important part for me is the fact that amethyst helps to harmonise the intellectual mind of my Sun sign Virgo and spiritual world, it really gives positive energy to its owner. This is exactly the energy and harmony that Astrology and Tarot reading give out. We use both our intelligence and intuition so that we can bring the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together in a meaningful way to receive guidance or sometimes a solution to a problem.

My dear friends, long story short, I would appreciate it a lot if you join me in this journey…