When you hear the word Tarot, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Hang on to your thoughts for a minute, while I try to explain what Tarot means to me.

Tarot cards are very interesting.

Sometimes it may be hard to believe that looking at these cards you can have clues about the past and the present, and some information about the near future. Tarot is not fortune telling that you can predict things that may happen 5 years from now. Absolutely not.

It is true that for very long time it was perceived as fortune telling. I assume that it was a way of meeting the expectations of the audience in those times.

Of course we can’t deny the fact the the atmosphere is critical for the experience of the reading. However, the days of telling things what people want to hear are long gone.

Today’s true Tarot reading is completely based on trying to give guidance, sometimes by giving advice or sometimes pointing out the warning signs, keeping in mind that these readings are under the current conditions. As the conditions change, readings may change as well.

Going back to the start, you may ask ‘do I need someone to tell me the past and the present’? You may not believe, but most of the time there are things that we may not be aware of, they may be just in front of us, still not recognised by us. Tarot helps us to see this reality, which we may have been ignoring for different reasons.

So, if you would like to receive guidance elaborating more about the past and the present and get some clues about very near future, you are always welcome to have a Tarot reading under the roof of the Amethyst.