Jupiter in Gemini ♊️ (26/05/2024 – 09/06/2025)

On 26/05/2024 00:16 UK time, Jupiter will start its journey in Gemini and will stay in this sign until 09/06/2025. There will be a retrograde period from 09/10/2024 (21°20’) until 04/02/2025 (11°16’).

Last time, Jupiter was in Gemini from Jun 11, 2012 until Jun 26,2013. Depending on which house (area of life) Gemini is in our natal charts, even though the configuration of the sky is different, we may refresh our memories and think about what happened in that period.

Having said all, will Jupiter in Gemini be a curious journey for all? Who knows? Lots of questions, curious looks that come with Gemini.

I think that to be able to explain Jupiter in Gemini, it is also useful to define the symbolism behind Jupiter and also the qualities of Gemini.However, before all we need to look into the shift. Nearly a year long stay in Taurus will come to an end for Jupiter. A shift from a fixed, earth sign, ruled by Venus to a mutable, air sign ruled by Mercury. It feels like when we are enjoying a nice break in our backyard, we all of a sudden stand up, start sending e-mails, calling friends, begin an immense research online, remembering that there is a life out there! I know that it is a bit exaggeration but there is a bit of truth in it, right? Or not?

Let me quote from my last year’s blog about Jupiter in Taurus including the astrology of Jupiter (I will be explaining the astrology of Gemini soon, soon!)

“Having said all, what might Jupiter in Taurus mean for us at individual level and at mundane level?

First, let’s see what is about Jupiter…How do we know Jupiter?In terms of astrology, Jupiter may symbolise growth, beliefs, expansion, wisdom, faith, meaning, philosophy, long distance travels, journey in every sense as much as exaggeration, arrogance, over-expansion…It is worth noting that it may be also connected to launching, broadcasting, publishing as well…

Lot of grounds to cover to be able to explain Jupiter in Taurus.I think that we might expect some kind of growth that may offer a sustainable path for us. We may start a real or a philosophical journey as a result of which we may feel nourished and grounded. We may find much more meaning in the values we hold on to. However, as a side effect of Jupiter we may need to avoid overwhelming ourselves and maybe others and as a side effect of Taurus, when it is not possible to keep, we may need to give up on being ‘stubborn’ not to be affected in a negative way…”

As Taurus is a fixed sign, I believe that the people with natal placements in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) might have been affected the most by this transit keeping in mind that during its journey in Taurus transiting Jupiter may have contacted our other natal placements as well. So, how did Jupiter in Taurus period treat you? Any reflections, experience notes or nothing at all?

Well, let’ see how Jupiter in Gemini might feel.Gemini is a mutable sign, so there may be more flexibility, easier shifts coming with that, adaptation level might be much higher. It is also an air sign so we may experience that the words, both in oral and written forms, communication, ideas may be carrying more importance. Gemini is also associated with qualities such as being rational, curious, social butterfly, inquisitive sometimes restless…The twins remind us dualities although it might be sometimes about what is inside and what is reflected outside since there could be a continuous search within…And the ruler is Mercury, so that there is this swiftness and trickster traits which may be reflected on Gemini as well.

As I mention the ruler, today something hit me about the sign rulers especially during long transit periods. Mercury moves very fast and every time it changes sign, this makes an impact on the planets that are travelling through a Mercury-ruled sign. In addition to this, if the retrograde period for example in this case Jupiter and Mercury overlap, which will happen towards the end of 2024, me may really experience a slowing down, reflecting on type of energy.

So, finally Jupiter in Gemini…There may be a lot of different expressions. We might go on a curious journey. We may find ourselves going down the rabbit hole but how far should we go, how much should we dig and what should we do with all that coming out of the rabbit hole? There can be a tendency to grow, expand our knowledge, to pass information around but what is the limit? I believe that to decide on that limit may be crucial in this period. We may become more verbal in expressing our beliefs especially via social interactions. We can understand better how mental exchanges and stimulation mean for us or in a certain area of our lives. I also believe that publishing or broadcasting may increase on mundane level, more books, more podcasts, more interaction with our nearby communities to exchange our ideas, to gather information or to expand our knowledge…However, as I said, what if exaggeration or arrogance kick in? Not the best but we may find ways to avoid any over-expansion, pushing the limits too much attitudes…

I have a very long list to write about Jupiter in Gemini such as the major aspects during this period, Jupiter return (12 year cycle), the ingress chart (especially Mars and last Solar Eclipse degree being the same in Aries) but I believe that I will need to stop myself from writing more and keep my energy for talking about the rest on my YouTube channel (I will cover all these remaining points in that video, stay tuned!)

Only, if we have placements in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), this transit will be more impactful in our lives and let’s make sure that we know about natal Jupiter and the houses that it rules.

Have a lovely Jupiter in Gemini period.

All the best,


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